BBD understands that industrial projects carry their own unique set of design requirements, both inside and out. It all starts with site selection, which entails more than just the physical real estate. Access, proximity to utilities and transportation, special provisions, and permitting are some of the critical requirements that must be met before the design can begin. BBD understands how to research and evaluate potential locations meet our Industrial clients’ specific needs.

Once the location is selected, we work with the design team to ensure that the building is fitted around the manufacturing or distribution processes, not the other way around. Building heights, pre-engineered structures, and exterior aesthetics must also be considered, all while meeting the schedule and budget for your new facility.

BBD understands the importance of the construction sequence for industrial facilities.  Process equipment lead times and delivery dates must be incorporated into the construction schedule to ensure the building is ready for the equipment to be set in place when it arrives, not waiting in a yard or laydown area until the building is ready.

The team at BBD is experienced with sequencing industrial building construction activities to ensure our clients’ facilities are completed ready for equipment connections and start-up on schedule.