Construction Management

Our construction management services are available as a stand-alone service or may be coupled with real estate development or financing. Whether you need ground up construction or a tenant space buildout, Buttry & Brown Development has the knowledge and experience to get the job done right.

A Construction Partner You Can Trust

Buttry & Brown Development is dedicated to providing a superior construction experience. From conception to construction to opening day, we put your needs first. We are focused on getting our clients the best quality building, at the best value, on time and on budget. That’s our commitment to you.


All of our projects are built with precision by skilled trades that are chosen for their ability to deliver buildings of the highest quality, while meeting time and budgetary parameters. Buttry & Brown Development maintains a vast network of specialty trade contractors that have proven themselves to be dedicated to client satisfaction.

Our team carefully monitors construction progress at every stage to ensure that your facility meets our rigorous standards for quality and craftsmanship.


Construction projects require careful planning and choreography to run smoothly. Consistent collaboration and documentation are the keys to ensuring that your project remains on schedule.

Buttry & Brown Development utilizes Procore© project management software, an industry leading cloud-based software that provides unparalleled control and visibility into each stage of the project. At any moment, our construction team, trades and clients can quickly view the status of the project, site pictures, current plans and specifications to confirm everything is on track.

We keep our clients informed at every stage in the process. Our construction team communicates with you daily, weekly, or monthly as you prefer. We invite our clients to walk through their project during construction, so they can see firsthand the outstanding quality work that defines a Buttry & Brown Development project.


Time is our most important resource. We understand that the sooner you can get your doors open for business, the sooner you can maximize your investment. We carefully schedule and phase the construction process, eliminating lost time from material delays and out of sequence work. We carefully monitor construction progress to ensure that your building is delivered on time.


At Buttry & Brown Development, we keep safety top of mind for everyone on the jobsite. Every day begins with safety in mind. We review what’s scheduled and evaluate the potential challenges and hazards to eliminate unsafe conditions and prevent accidents. If someone notices a problem or unsafe situation, our team is empowered to take action immediately to correct the problem. We maintain an orderly construction area and remind everyone on the site to be aware of their surroundings, correct safety issues when possible, and to notify management when necessary.

Safety is a decision made every minute of every day.


Buttry & Brown Development offers four types of construction management services to align with our client’s needs.

Construction Manager (Agency)

Buttry & Brown Development gets involved early in the process, as an owner’s representative, before an architect is selected. Using a general contractor we know and trust, we ensure that the building is constructed according to our client’s best interests, safely, on budget and on time.

Construction Manager (At Risk)

Acting as both the construction manager and general contractor, we offer a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) contract model and assume risk for price overruns that are not covered by a change order.

General Contractor (Bid-Build)

We work from the architect’s plans and specifications to construct a quality building, on time and on budget. We supervise and synchronize the trade contractors, suppliers, and regulatory inspections.

General Contractor (Design-Build)

We handle both the design and construction, saving time and minimizing change orders when compared with other delivery systems. Because the design and construction teams are aligned, we are able to achieve synergies that save time, money and provide a unified design and construction experience.

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